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Post  Absinthe Angel on Tue Sep 29, 2009 1:41 pm

The other night we were all outside because it was gorgeous and the dogs were being particularly cute, so we broke out the cameras. Thought I would sare a few of the pics Smile

Sharing Fur Kid Pics Wilson_porch

This is Wilson our medium sized dog. Wilson is happiest when he is in Daddy's lap Smile He is 4 years old.

Sharing Fur Kid Pics Panzer_on_stool

Here is Panzer our small dog. He is the elder dog of the pack at 10 years old. He is my constant companion and seldom leaves my side. He is closer than my own shadow, lol.

Sharing Fur Kid Pics Alvor

And this is Alvor. Our newest doggy member and biggest weighing in at about 80 pounds at only 10 months old Shocked He is an Anatolian Shepherd and will only get bigger, lol.

Here is another Alvoer pic of him being goofy, lol

Sharing Fur Kid Pics Alvor_goofy_upsidedown

Ok, there's our Doggy fur kids. I'll post some pics of the Kitty fur kids at some other time Smile

Blessed Be,
Absinthe Angel
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