Moron Neighbor!! Grrr!!

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Moron Neighbor!! Grrr!! Empty Moron Neighbor!! Grrr!!

Post  Absinthe Angel on Fri Nov 06, 2009 10:43 am

So we have this idiotic PIA neighbor (the same one that tried to burn down the neighborhood a month or so ago).

He has two dogs, a pit bull and a st. bernard. Both of which are already considered dangerous dogs without the proper restraint/trainning. He never closes his gate. And the pit bull is always agressively holding our other neighbor hostage more or less at her own gate almost every morning when she is trying to open and close her own gate to head for work. She has complained to him many times and he still refuses to close his gate Evil or Very Mad

My daughter, SIL, and grandkids went for a walk the other day. Emerald (9 y/o) was riding her bike. They were all on the road (county property). When they walked by said neighbors house, his freaking dogs came storming out of the yard (while he just stood in the yard and watched). They proceeded to agressively circle Emerald's bike while she was basically being pushed from one side of the bike to the other trying to put her bike between herself and the dogs. the neighbor just stood and watched letting this behavior continue Mad

My daughter yelled at the neighbor to call off his dogs and that he should keep his gate closed. He refused, saying that he would not close his gate since he was outside with the dogs. Shocked Evil or Very Mad

What the f**k does it matter that he was outside? He didn't stop the dogs from leaving his yard and terrorizing my grandchildren the bastard!!!

Now my grandkids are afraid to go for a walk. Afraid to walk out on public ground. I pay taxes on that land and they can't even walk on it for fear of being attacked by dogs!! Yet he takes his own kids for walks all the time without worry of bodily harm to his children.
I'm so freaking pissed!!

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