I smell a rat...........

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I smell a rat........... Empty I smell a rat...........

Post  Absinthe Angel on Mon Jan 04, 2010 2:12 pm

or most likely a mouse, gopher, vole or some such vermin.

I went out to the greenhouse this morning to do my normal temp check. And while check plants I noticed that in one of the pots of petunias ( a low edged pot sitting on the floor), two stems had been chewed off at the dirt. As well as a bunch of alyssum that was in the pot. This had to have happened some time in the night. Because when I checked thisngs last night before bed, everything was fine, no sign of damage.

Grrrr Evil or Very Mad I guess I'm going to have to set traps or something. Because I really am not sure how to get rid of whatever this is. But I can't have it destroying all my plants Shocked

Anyone have any suggestions?

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